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Marco Nathan

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Marco J. Nathan is Professor and Chair in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Denver. Nathan's research focuses on the philosophy of science, with particular emphasis on biology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and economics. Nathan is the author of Black Boxes: How Science Turns Ignorance into Knowledge (Oxford University Press, 2021) and The Quest for Human Nature: What Science and Philosophy Have Learned (Oxford University Press, 2024). He has also published numerous articles, chapters, and edited volumes in philosophical and scientific venues.


Nathan is currently interested in parsing the problem of consciousness into scientifically-tractable and as-yet-intractable components, by exploring what questions are entering the realm of neuroscience and what questions remain in the realm of philosophy.

Nathan received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Philosophy from the University of Milan and received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Columbia University in New York.

Find out more about Nathan’s research program and publications here

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