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James Wang

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James Wang is Co-Founder and General Partner at Creative Ventures, an early-state, deep-tech VC firm. Creative Ventures invests in companies and founders focused on next-generation technologies, with a portfolio focused on game-changing solutions in healthcare, agriculture, and climate change mitigation. The team at Creative Ventures prides itself on its deep expertise in market solutions and emerging technologies, with a focus not on new trends but on critical global needs.

James is also a co-founder of Lioness, and currently serves as CTO and COO. In addition, he advises Creative Ventures’ seed-stage tech firms, including Exo (high-performance portable ultrasound), Picnic Works (food service automation with robotics), and TerraCO (geopolymer-based, low-carbon cement), and serves on the Board of Oncoustics AI (AI-driven point-of-care diagnostic imaging). His expertise includes organizational management, software development, statistical analysis, and AI/machine learning. Previously, he spearheaded the launch announcement and branding for Google X's Makani project pilot in Hawaii, led a team of investment analysts at Bridgewater Associates, and co-founded and managed a consulting group specializing in microfinance in the developing world.

James holds an MBA from UC Berkeley, where he was a Jack Larson Fellow in Entrepreneurship. He also holds a BA with Honors from Dartmouth, a MS Degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and a Data Science Specialization from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

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