The Western Institute for Advanced Study was founded in 2018 to operate on the same principles as the original Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and other similar institutions around the world. The purpose of this organization is to conduct theoretical scientific research.

The Western Institute is devoted to facilitating scientific research into historically intractable problems, with a highly interdisciplinary and open atmosphere to promote intellectual progress. Like the original institution, the Western Institute aims to grant fellowships to a select group of field experts each year. However, there is one major variation on the original model: rather than working on separate problems, fellows are encouraged to form a thematic group to work intensively on a single problem, employing complementary and contrasting approaches to identify possible solutions. A new grand challenge is issued each year. 


The Western Institute for Advanced Study was founded to advance theoretical scientific research, by combining both outstanding individual effort and a team-based approach. The Institute was founded in 2018 and is based in Colorado.

  • To provide a place for advanced study with a commitment to the highest standards of academic scholarship.

  • To offer a competitive fellowship program, with a focus on solving grand challenges in mathematics, physics, and the biological sciences.


By addressing a broad range of challenging scientific questions and communicating these findings to the public, we aim to create progress on some of the most technically challenging issues which continue to face humanity.